Unconstitutional USE of New York STATE TAXPAYER Funds to Finance Illegal Immigration

NYS has created a $2.1 BILLION fund for “to provide cash payments to workers who have suffered income loss due to COVID but who are ineligible for Unemployment Insurance or related Federal benefits due to their immigration status or other factors. Such workers must be low-income and provide sufficient documentation to establish work-related eligibility and residency in the state.” 

This fund specifically is to give CASH payments  of amounts that exceed what citizens of the United States have received from the federal government in disbursements. IS THIS CONSTITUTIONAL? NO!

According to the US 29 CFR § 1606.1 the federal law on employment, no person’s national origin shall allow a person to be discriminated against. Under US24 CFR § 100.60 it is not legal to deny a person the ability to housing based on their national origin. The Federal department of Education also denies the ability to discriminate based on national origin (US 34 CFR Appendix B to Part 100).

Yet, this disbursement of NYS is only to persons NOT of NATIONAL ORIGIN of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! It excludes all persons who are here in the country legally the wording implies that it is still possible to receive this disbursement for other reasons if you are US citizen, but the stated qualifier itself is discriminatory as it places additional requirements of proving “work-related eligibility.” In addition this disbursement far exceeds what all LEGAL citizens of the United States have received from the federal government. The New Times stated that this disbursement will be  

one-time payments of up to $15,600 to undocumented immigrants who lost work during the pandemic. 

This disbursement is of tax dollars that do not exist. Back in September of 2020, WAMC writer, Karen Dewitt noted that even the Liberals and the Conservatives in the state agree on the severe problems of a budget that shows endless spending. When she wrote:

E.J. McMahon, with the conservative leaning fiscal watchdog group the Empire Center, and Ron Deutsch, with the liberal leaning Fiscal Policy Institute, do agree on some things.

One, that the amount of the state deficit is huge. Cuomo’s budget office estimates it has grown to $14.5 billion. And two, that it’s time to be worried.

According to Chelsea Diane a reporter with the Albany Business Review, The estimated debt for the next TWO YEARS is an additional $15 Billion!

Gov. Cuomo and the NYS Legislature have proposed tax increases on millionaires. Historically, this results in millionaires leaving the state and establishing residency in other states. This has happened in California where a mass exodus of millionaires happened in 2012 when the state raised their taxes.

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