I awaken people to the invisible movement of Islamization around the world!

Paul Sutliff is a federally recognized expert on Civilization Jihad and Islamization. His speeches are powerful and awaken a need in patriots to be watchful and wary. Paul brings what is happening NOW onto the stage. Paul goes beyond the warning stage in his speeches and provides action items for you and your group. Paul’s message is “Become aware, share what you know, and be part of the solution!”

What Do People Say About Paul’s Speeches?

Paul is very knowledgeable and a great presenter. As he does his own research, he knows his subject matter inside and out. If you can book him for your event, jump on it!
Paul courageously reveals and explains the nature and purpose of Islamist organizations and warns of the threat Western Civilization faces if we fail to name the enemy and rally to defeat it. In doing so, he engages not only the foundational documents and thinkers who have influenced current movements like ISIS, Boko Haram, and other Salafist terrorist organizations, but leaves us with the knowledge that makes choice imperative: will we allow ourselves to be defeated from within, captive to our own political correctness, or will be draw our own swords and give battle such that Judaeo-Christian civilization and the freedom of thought and expression and rule of law upon which it rests can survive? Rare is the marriage of courage and wisdom, but Paul has achieved it.

St. Cloud, Minnesota 2016

Video Interview October 3, 2018 on The Erin Cruz Show


Paul takes the complex issues of terrorism and Islamization and lays bare their hidden work in a way that AWAKENS you to the reality and danger of what is happening. Then, he does what most in the field do not. He provides venues for action. 

Sample Topics:

For Patriot Groups: For Churches:
  • A COLD SLAP AWAKE better than Living in a Nightmare!
  • Islamic Social Norms vs. the Civilized World
  • Islamization of Europe – The sacrifice of Culture vs. the rise of Nationalism
  • The lies schools tell about Islam: How can we protect the next generation?
  • To win a war on Islamic terrorism is not impossible!
  • Why the Muslim Brotherhood is a Seditious EVIL ENEMY
  • Action Planning – How can we fight back and win?
  • Devote Islam vs. Radical Islam: Which is the real threat?
  • What is the difference between Islam and Christianity?
  • Why is Chrislam NOT the answer?
  • Is a COLD SLAP AWAKE better than Living in a Nightmare?
  • What your children are learning in public schools about Islam is dangerous!
  • Why do Islamic terrorists say they love death more than we love life?
  • Apologetics and Islam: What you need to know is not what they want you to know 


Paul is the author of Civilization Jihad and the Myth of Moderate Islam (2016), which was peer-reviewed and recommended!  Paul’s unique background and experience have enabled him to establish ways to address Civilization Jihad and Islamization that many others have not, in order to make America safer. His proposed resolution for Congress is an example of how his mind can cut through the complex to address a problem simply. Clare Lopez, with Lopez Liberty, LLC formerly of the Center for Security Policy, and Tom Trento of The United West are supportive of this resolution.
Paul has also written a book for Social Studies teachers to learn how their own textbooks contain glaring historical errors placed purposefully in order to distort what is historically recorded. What every Social Studies Teacher Needs to Know About Islam (2017), utilizes Islamic histories written by Muslims for Muslims and and is now provided for educators. 
Mr. Sutliff holds BA in Religion and Philosophy from Roberts Wesleyan College, a Master’s of Science in Education from Nazareth College of Rochester, and recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Analysis from Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security at North American University.
Mr. Sutliff’s work has been published or shared on the American Thinker, Peoples Pundit Daily, Campus Watch, the Middle East ForumTheRebel.media, The Counter Jihad Report.com, Brenner Brief News, and the Investigative Project on Terrorism

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