What people say about Paul Sutliff's work as a public speaker:

Radio Talk Show Host, Author and, Commentator on Civilization Jihad


Dr. William
 (ويليام برادفورد) Bradford

Professor and Consultant
at B2 Consulting

Paul courageously reveals and explains the nature and purpose of Islamist organizations and warns of the threat Western Civilization faces if we fail to name the enemy and rally to defeat it. In doing so, he engages not only the foundational documents and thinkers who have influenced current movements like ISIS, Boko Haram, and other Salfist terrorist organizations, but leaves us with the knowledge that makes choice imperative: will we allow ourselves to be defeated from within, captive to our own political correctness, or will be draw our own swords and give battle such that Judaeo-Christian civilization and the freedom of thought and expression and rule of law upon which it rests can survive? Rare is the marriage of courage and wisdom, but Paul has achieved it.


Vito Esposito

Co-Host at Radio Jihad

Paul is an excellent author and blogger! He is on the pulse of islam's infiltration of our colleges & universities, as well as America! Paul is a Great American Patriot!

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Teresa Wood

History Houses Alfred University
Rochester, New York Area

Paul is very knowledgeable and a great presenter. As he does his own research, he knows his subject matter inside and out. If you can book him for your event, jump on it!


William Brown

Coordinator for The Christian Action Network of New England

Paul Sutliff has spoken at several events hosted in Connecticut by ACT! for America Chapters, 912 Project groups and at a rally to expose persecution of religious minorities under Sharia controlled governments. He has always provided well informed and clear presentations to educate listeners about the dangers of hidden Islamic agendas in educational institutions and other areas of concern. I highly recommend Paul for any Patriotic group seeking to awaken citizens to our duty to preserve our Constitutional freedoms.


Helen Roberts

Co-Leader of Rochester 912 Group

Paul is passionate about what he talks about and is, I believe, to be an expert on Islamic Jihad. The information he provides is invaluable to all those who want to know the truth. 


JIm Delaney

 Author of A Patriot's Call

What Paul has to say about the existential threat of Islamism and their Muslim Brotherhood agents are concise, informative and, frankly, deeply concerning. He tells it like it is in a manner which is both understandable and intensely informative. You must listen to him.  

Information Overload on the Muslim Brotherhood
(4 Hour session)

This 4-Hour Workshop series on the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and its entities here in the United States and Canada.

Participants receive two free books by Mr. Sutliff.

2-Hour presentation 

2-Hour presentation on the history of Islam from Muhammad cave experience to the death of the fourth Caliph. This is a special presentation created for educators and others who simply want the truth.

1-Hour Presentations

Civilization Jihad: The War Against North America

What does Islam’s history truly tell us?

What can be done to fight/stop Civilization Jihad? (A Proposal for a National Strategy)

20-Minute Speeches

  • Nominal Fee Discussed plus travel

Meet Paul

A relentless fact-finder and uncompromising researcher,
Paul Sutliff has gained a rather controversial reputation as a skilled tactician in exposing the seedy underbelly that is Islamic terrorism both stateside and abroad.
Author of the acclaimed Civilization Jihad and the Myth of Moderate Islam (2016), Mr. Sutliff holds BA in Religion and Philosophy from Roberts Wesleyan College and a Master’s of Science in Education from Nazareth College of Rochester in Special Education.
An academic by profession, Mr. Sutliff brings a unique approach to what many have opined is the most serious threat facing mankind since Nazi Germany.

Mr. Sutliff’s work has been published in the Peoples Pundit Daily, Campus Watch, the Middle East Forum,
The Rebel.media, and The Counter Jihad Report.com and Brenner Brief News.

Mr. Sutliff’s personal blog nimbly exposes a wealth of misinformation readily championed by the mainstream, left-leaning media with only the facts, figures and particulars that an academic can bring to the discussion.
A feared orator, Yale University President has repeatedly dodged Mr. Sutliff’s requests to debate based on Sutliff’s unveiling of the university’s murky relationship with terrorist financiers.
Mr. Sutliff has appeared on numerous radio outlets and programs and was most recently a featured guest speaker for Ignite the Fire in Texas.
In September of 2016, he broadcasted his first show on the Global Patriot Radio network (Blog Talk Radio) and continues to bring provocative guests and stimulate engaging conversation on his own show, “Civilization Jihad Awareness.”

Mr. Sutliff’s work has received accolades from National Security experts and Counter-Terrorism Experts worldwide for his article, The Hijra before the Jihad! The Secret Muslim doctrine of Migration.

Mr. Sutliff is available for speaking engagements, panel debates, one-on-one interviews, and detailed analysis pieces on the larger topic of Islamic terrorism.


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